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Villages of Zolotarevo and Lypetska Polyana

  • 30 April 2022 1:18 AM
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    Charles:  I contacted you once before regarding my BOBBISH relatives that live  near Uniontown.  We didn't think there was a connection at that time.

    However, researching your post suggests possible connection from Zakarpattya Oblast, Ukraine.  Zolotarevo and Lypetska Polyana are 20 to 30 miles East and Southeast of Dorobratovo, also in Zakarpattya Oblast.

    My grandfather Charles William BIDZILYA was born 1892 in Dorobratovo.  First emigrated to Monessen, Westmoreland County to work in a steel mill.

    I share distant DNA connection to Ancestry member that has Zsofia (Agapia) MAGDINECZ (BABICS) on her family tree.  B. about 1859.  D. 8 Nov 1899 both in Alsokaraszlo known today as Zarichia, Lviv Oblast.

    Leaping further into speculation, mayor of Zarichia today is Ivan Mikhailovich BABICH.  Let me know if you want to follow up.  My contact information is in the C-RS membership directory.

  • 12 January 2021 9:22 AM
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    It is difficult under most circumstances to understand why our ancestors left their remote villages and came to America.  While there was undoubtedly some recruitment of laborers for American factories and mines, I don't think this was necessarily the case here.  The immigrants would be deported if they told immigration that they had an awaiting job.  It seems more likely that there were others from the village or area already in America telling the family back home that there was money to be made in America.  Indeed there is a Charley Bobbish in Fayette (your namesake) who is a probably brother of your John Babics.  Immigrants need a support system when coming to America.  Friendly faces and people with they language and customs and religion were most important to them.

    Tom Peters

  • 11 January 2021 6:19 PM
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    I'm researching two of my relatives who were born in the villages of Zolotarevo (Ötvösfalva in Hungarian) and Lypetska Polyana (Lipcsemezö in Hungarian).  These villages are in the Khust Raion of Zakarpatksa.  

    My great grandfather John Babics came from Zolotarevo and my great grandmonther Anna Valecskanics came from Lypetska Polyana.  They married in the US and lived in Fayette City, PA before moving to Dowell, IL.

    I'm interested in connecting with others who have connections to these villages.



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