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Past Events

4 April 2020 The Extraordinary Journey, Athens, GA (cancelled-virus)

12-13 October 2019 Woodstock International Food Festival, Woodstock, GA

15 September 2019 Gateway International Food Music Festival, Norcross GA

13-14 October 2018 Woodstock International Food Festival, Woodstock, GA

17 May 2018 Our Rusyn Identity, Savannah, GA

2 December 2017 Traditional Rusyn Christmas Season, Woodstock, GA

19 August 2017 Andy Warhol Exhibit at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

12 November 2016 Genealogy and a Visit to Presov, Roswell, GA

27 February 2016 Pysanky Demonstration, Woodstock, GA

14 November 2015 Who are the Carpatho-Rusyns?, continued, Norcross, GA

10 October 2015 Who are the Carpatho-Rusyns?, Alpharetta, GA

18 May 2014 Organizational Meeting for Georgia, Roswell, GA

Carpatho-Rusyn Society

915 Dickson St.
Munhall, PA 15120-1929

The Carpatho-Rusyn Society is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to manifesting Carpatho-Rusyn culture in the United States and supporting Rusyn culture in the Homeland in east central Europe. It works to educate Rusyns and non-Rusyns about Rusyn culture and history, and to support the development of Rusyn culture on both sides of the Atlantic. As a membership organization, it boasts over 1,800 members worldwide who support the organization's work through their annual contributions of dues as well as voluntary contributions to funds that support Rusyn cultural development abroad as well as humanitarian aid for Rusyn communities in Europe.

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