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Rusyns in Slovakia

  • 23 July 2023 12:50 AM
    Reply # 13231116 on 13226016

    Robert, Glad to have provided the information confirming both villages were in the Rusyn area bordering Poland. 

  • 22 July 2023 10:08 AM
    Reply # 13230991 on 13226016

    Thank you so much for the maps and your time and effort in posting them. The maps clearly show that Lenartov and Malcov were located in Rusyn areas. I visited these villages ten years ago and was very  fortunate to find the mayor, and my cousin, of Lenartov! He took me to the house that my great grandmother lived in and told me as much of the family history as he knew.  Lenartov only has a RC Church. Malcov historically only had a GC Church. GC adherents from Lenartov are recorded in the Church records of Malcov and Lukov and vice versa for RC adherents from Malcov and Lukov. In any case, I'm quite excited to learn that I most likely have Rusyn ancestors!  Thank you again for your help.

  • 18 July 2023 2:29 AM
    Reply # 13229169 on 13226016

    Noting that the scan depicting the map area of Lenartov and Malcov  was not a good scan, as it was not aligned properly, So, find attached a revised scan of the same.

    And also take note, that the reference town of Sabinov is a bit east of the two towns.  And can easily be found a bit east of the navigation 21-degrees East line of Latitude.

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  • 17 July 2023 5:20 AM
    Reply # 13228650 on 13226016

    Attached are the last three files.  And the first one was sent previously with my explanatory text.

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  • 17 July 2023 5:14 AM
    Reply # 13228648 on 13226016

    Update to Robert Pavelka request,

     1) Am envious of 1869 census info you obtained Robert regarding your great, great grandmother and her RC dad and GC mother. For as far as my Carpathian Rus roots go, only my paternal grandmother (surname Tkac') lived near there, in a very small village located about 12 miles east of Kosice; which in 1906, was predominantly inhabited by Hungarian Greek Catholics. And today is part of the Kosice diocese existing there in Slovakia.

    My maternal grandparents both came from very small villages near Irota, just southwest of Kosice in what is today remains of Hungary, And. my paternal grandfather, born of Hungarian Reformed parents, somehow courted my aforementioned GC grandmother. And the fact that they arrived in the US together, and doing my genealogy research on "one of the never discussed dad's family get togethers history about them", found their marriage license in PA,

    And bottom line, I have a feeling that the back then strict great grandparents, plus her brother's not being too keen about her beau, ...she was given a dowry with only option offered, that he and she leave the country together, and head for America.  And raised a family of eight, which today has near 500 in our "family tree".

    2) As for your concerns about your great grandmother's Carpathian Rus roots, and providing the 1869 Census info, her parents' names of the towns, I decided to help you further through and 1906 Ethnography map that I still have.

    Plus, the fact that I've hit a "brick wall" with regards to any of my grandparents's1869 Census records, as provided by three of the on-line genealogical websites, I'm used to the "constant searching" for further information on their parents.  And after years of doing it, just found New Heritage ancestry info on my maternal RC great grandfather who lived neat  Irota, in Abauj-Torna County of Hungary.

    And having access to a good Ethnography map, I found the locations of your great, great grandmother's parent's towns of Leonartov and Malcov to be very easy, plus info depicted on it that identifies both religious and ethnicity information.  And just bet you know that they are both located in Saris (Saros-Hungarian) county, the northern most county of Slovakia.  And back in 1905-06, more precisely in the district of Sekcovsky (Szakhely - Hungarian).  Today, post WWII, they are included as part of the Presov Region, which primarily, and fully includes Presov, Sabinov, and Bardejov districts.

    3). So, for you to find out on your own, attached are three sections of this two-sheet Uhro-Rus' Ethnography-1906 map. The first one depicts the Index Map, mileage scale, and references, which the latter identifies that it was prepared in 1977 by an Andrew D Perejda, Ph.D., Cartographer, with a lot of references, and Copyright by him for the Greek Catholic Diocese of Passaic, back in 1979. 

    And FYI, somehow a decision was made by the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh to prepare a slew of these maps for distribution and sale at all of the parishes, who chose to sell them to their parishioners, back in 1979, just 44 years ago.  And my copy is pretty worn, but I managed to prepare the much-needed Legend, Map Area Symbols, and Scale.

    And the third attachment is the sectional copy depicting your great, great grandmother's "hometowns" back then in 1906 Austria-Hungary.  And for extra measure, I am adding a fourth attachment depicting a map of the Carpathian Rus, as was prepared for a multi-page document written by the famed Professor Paul Robert Magocsi.  And found that he is Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto. And as written, is the person most responsible for the active promotion of the study of the Carpatho-Rusyn ethnic group in the world today.  And on Professor Magocsi's map, I have penciled in two dots of your great, great grandmother's towns of Lenartov, and due east, Malcov, with found just north of Sabinov. 

    4) The pdf attachments I will attach separately.

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  • 12 July 2023 2:45 AM
    Reply # 13226683 on 13226016

    Juraj CISARIK shows marriage records for Slovakia 1865 to 1895.  This might be a complimentary resource for your research.


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  • 11 July 2023 8:55 AM
    Reply # 13226294 on 13226016

    Greek Catholic indicates she was a Carpatho-Rusyn.

    Tom Peters

  • 10 July 2023 4:16 PM
    Message # 13226016

    I'm compiling data from the Hungarian Census of 1869 for Lenartov, Slovakia.  If an individual was listed in this Census as Greek Catholic would that mean they were most likely Rusyn?  My great great grandmother from Lenartov was baptized GC in Malcov. Her father was listed as RC and her mother as GC.  Trying to learn if I have Rusyn roots. Thank you for any help.

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