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Lazurick/Lazorik family of McAdoo, PA and Polyana, Zemplin

  • 28 July 2022 2:34 AM
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    Autosomal (non-gender) DNA is accurate to 4 generations (20 centimorgans DNA and larger value).  It is offered by all sites: Ancestry, My Heritage, 23&Me, and Family Tree.  One generation is about 25 years.  Autosomal is usually sufficient to discover to great-grandparents, far back as most want to know.

    Depending on subscription level, Ancestry is most expensive.  Has the largest database.   My Heritage has a large number of persons from Austria Hungary (1860s to today).  Nice search features. 

    I joined all of companies above, except for 23&Me.  You can upload autosomal DNA test from Ancestry to My Heritage and Family Tree fora nominal fee.

    My Ancestry DNA ethnicity is about 90% from Slovakia to 4 generations.  My Heritage shows 17% from Scandinavia (more on that later).

    I uploaded my Ancestry DNA zip file to GEDmatch.com.  They accept DNA from ALL companies.  Will find hundreds of DNA matches from their database.  Standard Membership is free with email registration.  They also accept GEDCOM or Family Tree files.  For $10 a month (which can be turned on and off as needed) they offer many sophisticated DNA analysis tools.

    Now for the BIG ONE.  I also took Y paternal and MT maternal tests on Family Tree - accurate to 10 and 60+ generations, respectively.  Paid for in depth analysis of paternal test at YFULL.COM, located in Russia.

    I find most DNA ancestors on Ancestry, fewer on My Heritage and fewest on Family Tree.  However, Family Tree recently started finding DNA matches to the Human Haplogroup Tree, which traces back 300,000 years ago.

    This week Family Tree began a new feature: HAPLOGROUP DNA MATCHES.

    I share DNA with JRR Tolkien (1892-1973); Peterson Gunnarsson RAMBO (1611-1698) from Sweden who brought RAMBO apples from Europe to America, and first settler in Jamestown (William FARRAR, 1583-1637) who survived the 1622 Indian massacre, and a Manx Viking (900-1250). 

    Our common ancestor for ALL four was born about 5,000 years ago.

    I've discovered their DNA cousins living today.  One has Austria Hungary ancestors to me.  To my surprise, William FARRAR is also on his Family Tree. 

    Finally, I'm related to Albert Perry, born into slavery 1820.  We share a common ancestor 234,000 years ago (not a misprint) born in Cameroon.  I share DNA with a family today that provided DNA for the Haplogroup tree.

    My wife's ancestors are Welsh.  She is 1C7R to Joseph "The Signer" Hewes (1730-1779).  He signed the Declaration of Independence.  Was first Secretary of Navy for George Washington.  On mother's side, she is 6C by blood to TECEMSUH (1768-1813) the famous Indian.

    Before this week I told people my great grandparents had to eat grass to survive at times because they lived in Austria Hungary - 97% were peasants.  Now I don't take a back seat at my wife's genealogy table.

    Still not sure about maternal grandparents to Charles William BIDZILYA (1892-1978), born in Dorobratovo, Ukraine.  Genealogy investigations by Maxim AVERIN in Ukraine stopped at 1909.  Ukraine ancestors left few records.  Many were destroyed by war.  DNA is the only way to find them.

    This week I connected Charles parents by DNA to two persons born in villages near Charles. My Ukraine tree now goes back about 7 generations.

    I will hire a genealogist to confirm these DNA matches.  Hopefully with new names and places records will be found.

    Obviously, I'm excited about genealogy.  It is hard work and takes a lot of time as C-RS member's stories demonstrate.  I recommend using DNA for every serious researcher.  If anyone read this far, please contact me to learn more.

    Hope my C-RS subscription fee is not based on length of the typed word.

  • 27 July 2022 9:20 PM
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    Thanks very much for your replies Tom and David. I had seen the entries for Andras and Peter Lazorik in Mala Polana (1869 census). The last name Bajcura does not ring any bells, but it still could be a valid connection. I have been having a bit of trouble with recent requests for searches at the regional Greek-Catholic churches in the McAdoo-Hazleton-Shenandoah area. They may still be needing help in this semi-post-covid time. I will keep trying though. Metro's wife, Johanna Chomistek, was, indeed, Roman Catholic. I will check with the RC church in McAdoo. Great suggestion! I have never done any of the DNA analyses and am not sure which are the most reliable. Might be fun to try.

  • 25 July 2022 2:01 AM
    Reply # 12859820 on 12858759

    CORRECTION:  PLANA = POLANA in my prior post.

  • 25 July 2022 1:22 AM
    Reply # 12859817 on 12858759

    I am highly involved with DNA genealogy for my family and their ancestors.  A few years ago, I purchased Ancestry DNA kit for Ivan Vasiljevich BIDZILYA (1947-2020).  Born and died near Ivashkovytsya, Zakarpattya Oblast, Ukraine.

    He is 2C1R to me.  Related to my maternal grandfather Charles William BIDZILYA (1892-1978) born in Dorobratovoa, Zakarpattya Oblast as well.

    I have spent more than 5 years unsuccessfully trying to find Charles' parents.  Maxim Averin could go no further back than 1909.

    When I see surnames with ancestors from Galicia region of Austria Hungary, I often look up DNA matches.  It is not as precise as Birth, Marriage, Death records, but they are difficult to find, or they do not exist at all.

    Ivan has several DNA matches to distant 5th-8th cousins (6 to 20 centimorgans) with ancestors born 10 to 40 miles of Mala Plana.  Surnames on their trees are LAZORIK and BAJCURA.

    From My Heritage:  (Teodor KUMICAK shares 10.9 cM DNA with Ivan) His tree shows Helen BAJCURA (1897-1978).  Husband Michal KUMICAK (1892-1946).  Both born in Cabiny, Slovakia.

    From Ancestry:  leanard_marilyn (9 cM DNA with Ivan) shows Anna BAJCURA born 1810 in Poljana, Slovakia.

    karie halahan thomas (8 cM DNA with Ivan) shows Julia BAJCURA b. 1879 in Kraznibrod.  d. 1947 Pittsburgh, PA.

    PaulJKachurak (13 cM DNA with Ivan) shows Joannes LAZORIK (1806-1853) born and died in Istvangas, Lipovce, Slovakia.

    One can upload any autosomal (non-gender) DNA file to GEDmatch.com to find ancestors and relatives that took a DNA test from ANY company.  Membership is free with email registration.  My kit is A875569.  Ivan's is XD6157223.  I manage Ivan's genealogy accounts.  Feel free to contact me.  I am listed in C-RS membership as David MILLER (true surname is RUSZNAK or RUSNAK).

  • 24 July 2022 10:32 AM
    Reply # 12859239 on 12858759

    Hello Daniel,

    You have a very tough problem here.  If you can find their marriage, it might provide parents names which would be most helpful.  Metro's wife is probably Roman Catholic.  They would have married in an RC Slovak parish if one was available.

    Metro is probably from Mala Polana, formerly Sztropko-Polena in Zemplin.

    The Greek Catholic parish is Mikova.  The records only exist from 1885-1950.

    Because they extend so far into the 20th Century, they are restricted to use only in Salt Lake City.  You must go there or hire a researcher.  If you hire someone, they will need to be able to read Cyrillic as the later records will be written in this language as I recall.

    There is only one reference to a Lazorik family in Sztropko-Polena in the 1869 Census as follows:



    • 1.       Anna Bajcura, 1810, GC of Polena
    • 2.       Son, Andras Bajcura, 1846, single GC
    • 3.       Dau, Maria, born 1847, married (to Lazorik?)
    • 4.       Peter Lazorik, born 1846 or 1840, GC,
    • 5.       Andras Lazorik, born 1864, grandson

    Andras Lazorik stayed in Polena and had children there.

    Peter Lazorik and wife Maria Bajcura would seem to be possible parents of your Metro Lazorik.  I would be much more confortable with this if you could find the marriage of Metro.

    In looking at Chomistek of Bobrov, the early records that you need are only in Salt Lake City as well (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Library).

    Do a bit more digging in Schuylkill Co.

    Tom Peters

  • 23 July 2022 1:42 PM
    Message # 12858759

    Researching my great-grandfather, Metro LAZURICK/LAZORIK, of McAdoo, Schuylkill Co., PA. He emigrated from Zemplin County ca. 1887 and married Johanna CHOMISTEK, of Bobrov, Orava Co., Slovakia in the US. According to the 1900 census, he was born in 1869 and according to records from St. Mary’s Ukrainian Church in McAdoo he came from “Polyana, Zemplin”. I am trying to determine where “Polyana” was/is (Leleszpolyan? Velká Pol’ana? Malá Pol’ana?). Some of the godparents of the LAZORIK children were Michael KASZAK of Havaj, Zemplin; Anna KAZARDA of Velkrop, Zemplin; Basilius KAZARDA of Velkrop, Zemplin; Anna BRUDVAN (Rom Cath) of Szlavko, Szepes; and Andreas DUPNAR, of Mikova, Zemplin.

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