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  • 13 January 2024 1:49 AM
    Reply # 13300626 on 10110638

    Hi David,

    I'll take your cousin's offer at $10/hour. I attach one letter to see if she can decipher the language and grammar. If she can, I have at least 1 more to send your way. Thanks for the help

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  • 12 January 2024 4:49 AM
    Reply # 13300209 on 10110638

    Nick:  My cousin in Ukraine looked at one of your pages.  It appears to be a mixture of Czech and Slovak languages plus an unknown language.

    She is willing to try to interpret your documents with no guarantee of success.  Her fee is $10 US per hour to be paid by Western Union.

    She speaks 6 languages fluently and has taught English to many students over her 30+ years of teaching.  She is 74 years of age and still teaches students nearly every day of the week.

    Let me know if you wish to proceed.

  • 11 January 2024 4:44 AM
    Reply # 13299747 on 10110638

    I sent a copy of one page to a relative that lives in Ukraine.  She speaks 6 languages.  I  asked her to determine what language the letter was written in.

    If she is willing to translate are you willing to pay a fee?  I am not sure she would do this, but I thought it prudent to ask you before she responds.

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  • 11 January 2024 12:41 AM
    Reply # 13299718 on 10110638

    So far no response via this forum.

  • 09 January 2024 2:44 AM
    Reply # 13298670 on 10110638

    Hi Nick,

    Did you get any response from your request for translation help last July? I have the same problem. I've found a couple of short letters exchanged between my grandmother (then in the US) and her sister (still in Osturna, where both were born). The handwriting is legible, but I can't get any Slavic dictionary or auto translator to match more than a few words. Just knowing what language I'm looking at would be a big help. Any leads? Thanks

  • 16 July 2023 9:46 PM
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    To the group,

    I have just come into possession of an old letter that a cousin found in her fathers effects after his death 2 years ago. I am not certain, but I believe it could be written in Carpatho-Rusyn. Our family is from the area near Lyuta in Subcarpathian Rus', now in NW Ukraine. My Aunt said that we spoke Ruthenian, but I believe that is the same thing, basically, as Carpatho-Rusyn.

    I am attaching 4 photos that my cousin sent me of the 2 sheets written on both sides. I would sure appreciate if anyone out there could help me to get this translated.


    Nick Kornuta

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  • 23 February 2021 12:31 AM
    Reply # 10127530 on 10110638

    Oh Petro thank you so very much!  Those poor people!  God bless you for doing this for me!  Love Elizabeth Nicholson. My email is enich49@ gmail.com. Again thank you. 

  • 22 February 2021 11:36 PM
    Reply # 10127458 on 10110638
    Petro Z


    where we resettled now is called Komorniki. And now I am greeting very nicely my auntie Katrena and, if still lives, my uncle and their sons; very cordially greeting my uncle Ivan Mostsivski [maybe, not very clear last name] with his family. And, my dear (female)friend, please let know all our country people there that we all are resettled to the West and we don't know how our life will go, how God will give us life in this world.

    And now, my dear (female)friend, I am asking you as you receive this my letter, please write me about your life and things and what you can hear there in  Hameryka [it's how they called America!] any news. Because for us it is such news that never happened that people were torn away from their dear soil, where they were born and grown up. It is very difficult but what God gives ...


    we have to accept. Because some can't even step over the threshold without the God's will. Once more, my dear (female)friend, I am greeting very kindly and open heartedly you and your kids, and greeting Stefan Draban with family, and greeting Lukach Chanas [or Khanas] with wife and kids - very kindly and open heartedly.

    Now I don't know anymore what to write you because I am not sure if you will receive this my letter. So I am asking you kindly write me back something as soon as possible, as you receive it.

    My dear (female)friend Yustyna, please greet all my relatives. And now I am writing you my detailed address.

    [Polish: ]

    Village Komorniki, post Roje

    county Legnica, Dolny S'lon'sk [Lower Silesia]

    voivodstvo Brieslauv [should be Wroclaw]

  • 21 February 2021 2:45 PM
    Reply # 10122235 on 10110638
    Petro Z


    My dear (female)friend, only all of us Rusyns from mountains were resettled from all Rusyn villages but none of Poles. Resettled to different regions. We don't  know is it for ever or for a certain time - nobody would have seen such in a bad dream.

    Also notifying you, my dear (female)friend, you had written that my auntie had sent me the package - I had not received it and will not see it for sure. Maybe it arrived at our home address but we are not there - maybe they will send it back.

    So I am asking you, my dear (female)friend, please resend it to our new address. Also letting you know that all our people are very sad and feel big sorry for our dear village, our own field, our dear region, our mountains, where we lived from granpa-grangrandpa's [times]. And now we are moved over to the West, so our village ...

  • 20 February 2021 5:24 PM
    Reply # 10119999 on 10110638
    Petro Z

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Let me try my best. Here is the first portion please.


    - Not easy to read, it's like a long spaghetti - no punctuation, no names uppercasing. Looks like grammar was very weak in her school;

    - But I have to stress that the Author is very politely expressing herself. Very nice for the Lemko highlander woman with elementary school grammar level! It is because I've used "(female)friend" - "pryiatel'ka" in original, for male would be "pryiatel'";

    - Please do not judge harshly my amateur effort for 'bumpy' sentences - I an not a "certified translator" or an English editor;

    - English is not my mother tounge, not even ESL but rather a 3rd/4th language.

    Letter back:


    Ksena Shirin

    village Komorniki, PostOff Roje, county Legnica, voivodship Wroclaw

    Translation from Lemko-Rusyn


    Letter written 1947 07 13th day

    First of all Glory Be to Jesus Christ, my dear (female)friend Yustyna. I am writing you couple of words with which I want to greet you very kindly and open heartedly from my husband and children, wishing you better luck, than we have. I am notifying you that we do not live in our homes as we were resettled to the West.   

    [unclear word] carried us around and moved us out in four days by train and assigned just several families in one-one village. They did not put us in one village but not very far from each other - so we can see each other mostly on Sundays. I don't know anything about your sister Maryna but will write you as soon as I learn something.

    Letting you know, my dear (female)friend, that we were hit by big and sad grief: we sow the fields at home but left everything behind without piece of our own bread; we had not received anything so far and don't know if will get any help.

    pg2: (to be continued, time permitting)

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